Visiojob allows you to evaluate and compare candidates without geographical or time constraints.
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  • Better candidate selection.
  • Save time and money.
  • Overcome geographical restrictions.

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A computer, internet connection, webcam and visiojob credits.
And you're ready to go.
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Visiojob complements the traditional recruitment stages and provides recruiters with a simple and effective way to optimise the interview time and improve the quality of the recruitment process by focussing on the strongest candidates.

What ?

Visiojob can be used in two different ways:
  • By live video
    Conduct a live video with the candidate. The exchange will be fully recorded meaning no need to take notes. You will therefore be able to fully concentrate on the candidate's responses throughout the interview. Once the interveiw is finished, you can view it at any time, from any place and as many times as you wish.
  • Delayed viewing
    The candidate answers a series of pre-recorded questions. This method allows you to assess and compare in a targeted way. For example, if you wish to confirm the candidate's technical competence with a specific computer technology, assess their interpresonal skills and ability to convince, to determine language skills, etc.

Visiojob is ready to use: it provides you with an extensive library of questions grouped into standard scenarios covering the majority of questions asked during an interiew.
You may tailor these scanarios to your own requirements or create and record your own questions.

Whether you choose the live or delayed method, the videos allow you to:
  • analyse each candidate's responses
  • for a same question compare candidate's responses
  • assess them with different criteria

The list of criteria provided can be fully edited according to your needs.

Visiojob also gives you the opportunity to ask the opinion of your colleagues (head of recruitment, manager, etc.) by enabling them to see all or part of the interview. You therefore save on precious time, reach the best consensus and optimise your recruitment process

Consult CV's Points Selection via Visiojob Points Physical interviews
1. Consult CV's 2. Selection via Visiojob 3. Physical interviews

Why ?

  • Better candidate selection.
  • Save time and money.
  • Overcome geographical restrictions.

How ?

Easy and immediate access. Highly intuitive interface
Visiojob does not require any installation and can be accessed using a current web browser. You just need to subscribe in order to be immediately operational.
The library of standard interviews provided allows you to organise your initial interviews with your selected candidates. You can then personalise your Visiojob by recording your own questions, defining the interview process and personalising your assessment criteria.


Yo can contact us:
  • By email : contact@visiojob.com
  • By telephone: +332 40 35 00 33
  • By post to the following address:
    Baco Interactive – Visiojob
    19, avenue Louise Michel
    44400 REZÉ

I would like a demonstration of Visiojob

We can introduce Visiojob to your company or remotely via the internet (time required: half an hour)